Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Quick Pick: The Lead Station

Beech Road in Chorlton has a vibrant community. Or, at least, that is what the estate agents would have you believe. Really, it is a road that has people walking down it. On their way they'll see many ladies' boutique shops, many kooky shops selling kooky goods that only a kooky person from Chorlton would buy, and a number of restaurants amongst which is the Lead Station.

The Lead Station is the hardest restaurant to rate. On the one hand the food is pretty good but, on the other hand, the service can be pretty awful. That is not to say that the service scowls or grunts at you. In truth, the people who work there are very decent, well mannered people. What is most evident, however, is that they have never been trained to serve. They will always make some kind of error. You'll ask for the bill and they'll take half an hour to bring it; you'll ask for tea and they'll bring you coffee; you'll ask them to omit the eggs and you'll get extra eggs. Anyway, as I say, decent and well mannered, just, irritatingly shoddy.
So, onto the food. The chef knows what he is doing and has clearly read many a cookery book written by chefs from around the world. That is to say, the food is international and looks like it has been lifted straight from a cookery book. It's nothing too fancy but it tastes good. The icing on the cake is the breakfast. There is a lot of it and it's beautifully cooked. Even the vegetarian option tastes great.
One, final word. Breakfast times can be really busy, especially at the weekend, so get there early. Also, it is always full of babies (as people in Chorlton never paid attention in family planning classes) so expect to enjoy your meal with the screams of young children and the occasional whiff of poo.

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